Always love, never forget, a city always awake in our hearts.

The pamplonicas by birth know well what it means to be marked by passion and love for their international festival. The San Fermines, are an event that marks in a unique way everyone who knows them and is carried away by their traditions and unwritten rules.

This unique experience marks in such a way that once you have lived the San Fermines, wherever you are on July 6, you will know that something extraordinarily great happens on those days in the small city of Pamplona. Hundreds of voices in unison … under the same one are … hundreds of ways of living them … and ultimately the representation of a people united strongly by the celebration of their ancient traditions.

Transmit the great values of that unmatched feeling with which hundreds of Pamplonicas feel identified and spread them around the world so that wherever we are we feel like in our own city.

El Santico is born “The essence of a city” and that many of us carry inside.

San Fermín is life.
Everything that happens before and efter is just waiting.
– Ernest Hemingway –


The range that conveys the essence of a party like no other.


What we feel is the essence of who we are.


Wherever you are, July 6 is important to you.